Haus of {&} Mindset Masterclass (Recorded Live on December 29, 2021)


This course is the PERFECT way to invest in yourself and recommit to your 2022 goals, and start opening those doors you promised yourself you would! Because listen, the world is not going to stop changing and it’s never going “back” to how it was before. ⁣

So, if you want to not only “cope” with all the change and chaos of life right now, it’s time to take action and create the life you desire and deserve, DESPITE IT ALL. 

The Haus of {&} Mindset Masterclass course will help!

After our 3-hour pep-talk + course all rolled into one, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase the odds of things happening in your favor⁣
  • Have access to a framework that will help you thrive in good (and bad) times⁣
  • Understand how to use goal-focused planning to manifest more magic⁣
  • Set boundaries that stick⁣
  • Bring more confidence into your daily life⁣
  • Increase results in your life through confident experimentation 
  • Finally, stop making excuses⁣
  • Have more control of what happens next in your life.

The Haus of {&} Mindset Masterclass “New Year, New Vibes” On Demand replay will help you tap into your true potential, power you through 2022 with unshakable confidence, and help you handle anything life throws your way like a TRUE IMPROVISER. 

It’s not too late to make 2022 your year and OPEN THE DOOR to what's possible when you do—we’ll have your back every step of the way! 

As a reminder, this Masterclass includes…: 

  • One (1) 3-Hour virtual course ON DEMAND at your convenience, with options to replay whenever you need a Judi Holler + Haus of {&} pep talk 
  • A comprehensive intro to our bespoke Haus of {&}™ Methodology and how to apply it to YOUR goals 
  • A special opportunity to join our Haus of {&} Mentorship program to continue the “yes, {&}’s” with monthly live lessons and Office Hours with our founder, Judi!  Each month, Judi will help you define and refine your mindset through our Haus of {&} Methodology and workshopping your goals. Through the Mentorship, you’ll also have access to our bada$$ community and exclusive Haus of {&} vibes like reading lists, playlists, and podcast opportunities for all of 2022 (and beyond!)!

Now is the time to step up and OPEN THE DOOR because if not now, when?!

If you don’t control your life, who will? Why leave your future to chance?⁣

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Let’s Open the Door!

Get this $400 investment for only $99! 

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Haus of {&} Mindset Masterclass (Recorded Live on December 29, 2021)
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